When children get off to the right start, they do better their whole lives.

The Mimi and Peter Haas Fund believes every child deserves access to quality early childhood education. The Fund supports organizations that provide high-quality early care and education to San Francisco’s low-income children ages 0 to 5 and their families.

Why Early Childhood?

A child’s early years

are the foundation for future development, providing a strong base for lifelong learning including cognitive and social development.

Scientific studies

show that positive stimulation of a child’s brain during the critical first years of life lays the foundation for the child’s future ability to learn.


in early childhood education is an investment in our future: For every $1 dollar spent on high-quality early education, the public will save $7 or more in future costs like grade repetition, early parenthood, or incarceration.

Partner Highlight

Tandem, Partners in Early Learning serves over 345 San Francisco preschool and transitional kindergarten classrooms with their StoryCycles school-to-home book-sharing program. Annually, 4,950 children and families receive up to 100 high-quality, diverse children's books through weekly book rotations. In the next three years, Tandem will expand StoryCycles to serve all San Francisco Unified School District preschool and transitional kindergarten classrooms. Tandem also engages 600 early childhood educators through professional development workshops that share research-based strategies for supporting children's early language, literacy, and math development.

The Fund has been a proud partner of Tandem, Partners in Early Learning since 2012.

Fund Highlight

In 2009, the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund commissioned Artist Larry Gonick to create Public Funding for Early Care and Education in San Francisco, an illustration depicting the complexity of the early childhood education funding system at the local, state, and national level. Known as the “ECE Cartoon”, the illustration garnered attention for its twisting, turning colorful pipes (ECE funding streams). Recognizing that a lot has changed in the last 14 years, in 2023, the Fund again worked with Artist Larry Gonick to update the ECE Cartoon. The Mimi and Peter Haas Fund is pleased to share the 2023 version of Public Funding for Early Care and Education in San Francisco.

Thank you to the many partners who advised this project including Children’s Council of San Francisco, Children Now, EveryChild California, San Francisco Department of Early Education, and Wu Yee Children’s Services.

“The true purpose of education is to ensure that children have what they need to be successful in life.”

—Jane La Tulippe